What is ooModulate?

ooModulate is a maya plugin developed by octoplug.xyz.
This plug-in provide one node named ooModulate.
This node allow you to modulate component|weightList|colorSet for driving maya node by distance in various situations:

  • deformer: textureDeformer, blendShape etc ...
  • mesh modification: ploySmooth, delete, extrusion etc ...
  • colorSet: rendering

The plug-in can be downloaded here : www.octoplug.xyz

Release Notes

  • v1.0 : first version
    • ooModulate node


Octoplug ooModulate plug-in use the maya’s module scheme distribution.

Every maya plug-in download from octoplug.xyz use the same folder structure.

Once extracted the plugin is composed of a folder named ooModulate.

Under this folder you have the maya's module structure. You can place this folder where you want on your computer or server but you need to specify to MAYA_MODULE_PATH environment variable where is located this folder to allow maya to find the plugins.
So for exemple, if you extract your plugin under c:\octoplug\ooModulate, to get it recognize by maya you need to add the following line in the maya.env file (C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\maya\20##):

MAYA_MODULE_PATH = C:\octoplug\ooModulate  

If a line starting by MAYA_MODULE_PATH = is already present simply add your new plugin path at the end of the line like this, with a semi colon between the two path:

MAYA_MODULE_PATH = "existing module";C:\octoplug\ooModulate  

If you are in a company ask to your td/it for installing those tools.


ooModulate is compatible with maya 2017/2018 for linux/win only.