What is ooPebble?

ooPebble is designed to create Pebble/Voronoi meshes based on any mesh, curve or nParticles as input.




Parameters Description
Node Update Specifies if object should be updated or not
Pattern Specifies mode of output meshes
Numbers Mesh Mode Specifies how the oopebble should sample points
Details Mesh Mode Specifies how the oopebble should sample points
Numbers Specifies numbers of output meshes
Details Specifies details of output meshes
Size Specifies size of output meshes
Thickness Specifies thickness of output meshes
Inflat Inflat every meshes
Seed Randomize output meshes position
Commands Description
Connect to selection Connect selected mesh, curve or nParticle to Pebble,
Toggle input visibility Choose either visibility on or off for the inputs
Switch inputs Switch Numbers and Details input
Separate and smooth Exectute Separate Mesh command then execute smoothmesh command

Users guide

1. Create ooPebble node
2. Connect Mesh, Curve or Nparticles to input Numbers and details. You can use the command


3. Tweak Parameters