What is the difference between 'personal' and 'commercial' license?

Personal: Only for non-commercial purposes.
Commercial: Unlimited installations on any number of machines in a single physical location.

What is the difference between Gumroad and FlippedNormals?

There are no differences between Plug-ins and Resources we sell on these platform. You are free to choose!
However, the price on FlippedNormals il slightly higher due to higher fee for us.

Have you already purchased tools on legacy website?

Please contact us for free upgrade and download access.

Do you support other software than Maya and Arnold?

Currently, we do tools for Maya only.
Arnold shaders available here have been tested and used by us only on mtoa, but could work with other arnold renderers like htoa, sitoa, c4dtoa etc….

Do you support previous Maya and Arnold version?

We choose to support only the two last versions of Maya and Arnold. We can recompile plugin for the previous version only on request.

Do you provide tools for mac?

No, we decided to compile for Windows and Linux only. Please contact us and we will see what we can do.